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What is Freedgo Design?

Freedgo Design is an online website for drawing professional graphics. Freedgo Design can draw various types of graphics, flow charts for business logic, software design ER templates, workflows, and system deployment architecture diagrams of various cloud platforms, including Alibaba Cloud, AWS Cloud, Tencent Cloud, PostgreSQL, Asure Cloud, IBM Cloud Platform, etc.


The user accesses the website through the browser: clicks “online drawing” and enters the page of graphic design tool to make online drawing. To select different types of graphics for drawing, please click +more graphics at the bottom of the page to select the corresponding drawing type. The following figure:

Choose different graphic types in online drawing

What charts can be drawn


UML Unified Modeling Language (UML) is an open method for explaining, visualizing, constructing and writing an object-oriented and software-intensive product under development. UML shows a series of best engineering practices, which have been proved to be effective in modeling large-scale and complex systems, especially at the software architecture level.
There are three main models in UML system development:

-Function model: show the functions of the system from the user’s point of view, including use case diagrams.
-Object model: the concept of object, attribute, operation and association is used to show the structure and foundation of the system, including category diagram and object diagram.
-Dynamic model: showing the internal behavior of the system. Include sequence diagram, activity diagram and state diagram.

You can draw various UML diagrams through Freedgo Desgin, including

-UML use case diagram
-UML class diagram
-UML timing diagram
-UML activity diagram
-UML swim lane diagram

Click +more graphics at the bottom of the page and select business/(business modeling) -> UML to design various UML diagrams, as shown in the following figure:
Drawing UML online

ER model of database

ER model is a commonly used data modeling tool in database design, which is usually used to describe the information of entities and the relationship between entities before

The ER model is supported in Freedgo Design:

  • Select ER model to draw ER model of database through icon library

  • Create a database ER model through the menu Adjust graphics-> Insert -> SQL ... Import sql DDL script

Drawing ER Model online

BPMN Model Design

BPMN is a business process modeling and marking, and a modeling language standard for building business process diagrams.

You can select BPMN to draw BPMN model through icon library

Drawing BPMN online

Archimate Design

Archimate is a visual business analysis model language integrating various architectures, which belongs to Architecture Description Language (ADL). It describes from three Layer of business, application and technology, three Aspect of object, behavior and subject, and product, organization, process, information, data, application and technology Domain.

You can select BPMN to draw BPMN model through icon library

Drawing Archimate online

EPC Design

EPC is a workflow for describe business processes, and an important component of SAP R/3 model concept for business engineering design.

You can select EPC to draw EPC model through icon library

Drawing EPC online


A flowchart is a graphic representation of information flow, viewpoint flow or component flow through a system. In an enterprise, a flow chart is mainly used to illustrate a certain process. This process can be either a technological process on the production line or a necessary management process to complete a task. Flow chart is an effective way to reveal and master the movement of closed system. As a diagnostic tool, it can assist decision-making, let managers know clearly where the problem may lie, and then determine the alternative action plan.
Flowcharts are sometimes referred to as input-output diagrams. This figure intuitively describes the concrete steps of a working process. Flowcharts are very helpful to understand exactly how things are going and to decide how to improve the process. This method can be applied to the whole enterprise, so as to intuitively track and illustrate the operation mode of the enterprise. The flow chart uses some standard symbols to represent certain types of actions, such as decision-making represented by diamond boxes and specific activities represented by boxes. But what is more important than these symbols is that the sequence of the working process must be clearly described.

The flow chart can also be used to design and improve the working process, by first drawing out what things should be done, and then comparing them with the actual situation.

You can select process to draw Process model through icon library

Drawing Process online

UX Design

Freedgo Design provides a series of UX designs, which can realize the effect mapping of IOS, Android and a series of page designs. The following is a brief description:


Drawing IOS UX online


Drawing Android UX online


Drawing Material UX online


Drawing Bootstrap online


Drawing mobile ux online


Drawing site ux online

Plan drawing design

Freedgo Design can draw floor plans, including building floor plans, house floor plans, and house renderings. In the illustrations, illustrations of home, office, kitchen, bathroom, etc. can be found on the online drawing website
Drawing Plan Online

Drawing Plan Online

Network architecture diagram

You can draw various network topology diagrams and rack diagrams。

Drawing Network Topology Map Online


Cloud architecture

Freedgo Design It provides system architecture diagrams and system deployment diagrams of various cloud architectures, including AWS architecture, Alibaba Cloud architecture, Tencent Cloud architecture, IBM, PostgreSQL, Azure and Google Cloud, etc.


Drawing AWS online

Aliyun Cloud

Drawing Alibaba Cloud  online

Tencent Cloud

Drawing Tencent Cloud  online

IBM Cloud

Drawing IBM Cloud  online

PostgreSQL Cloud

Drawing PostgreSQL online

Azure Cloud

Drawing Azure online


Drawing Google online


Freedgo Design Provide online basic electrical diagram design, online electrical logic diagram design, online circuit schematic diagram design and online wiring diagram design.

Drawing electrical diagram online