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ER Diagram Design

ER Diagram Design

Provide general ER model, MySQL, Oracle, SQLServer, PostgreSQL data model drawing.
software design

software design

Provide UML use case diagrams, class diagrams, activity diagrams, component diagrams, deployment diagrams, package diagrams, state machines, sequence diagrams, ER model diagrams.
business design

business design

Provide organization chart, BPMN, ITIL chart, Archimate, value stream mapping, EPC chart, decision tree drawing
flow chart design

flow chart design

Support the production of logical processes such as general flow chart, lane chart, impact chart, SDL, approval chart, Accounting process, etc.
Cloud architecture design

Cloud architecture design

Provide AWS cloud, Alibaba cloud, Google cloud, Azure, IBM cloud and Tencent cloud are provided with system deployment and application architecture design.
Floor Plan Design

Floor Plan design

Provide floor plan design of buildings, home design, office, bedroom, living room, toilet, etc.
Electrical Design


Provide basic electrical diagram, logic diagram, circuit schematic diagram and process flow diagram of circuit electronic engineering.
nework diagram

nework topology diagram

Provide internal LAN, data center, application center, network topology design, cabinet and rack hardware deployment design..
Block Diagram

UX Design 、Block Diagram & Other Diagram

Provide various lists, processes, hierarchies, pyramids, UX designs for mobile phones, website maps, etc.

Customer Service

Freedgo Design Provide flexible charging mode, provide value-added services for different customers, and provide relevant operation documents and illustration instructions to better serve customers.

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Free use of online editing tools, while providing a variety of charging modes to suit your different needs.
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