Export a diagram to various file formats(png,jpg,svg,pdf,visio)

Export a diagram to various file formats

You can export your diagrams to various types of images, files of different types, and even encode your diagram into a URL. The type of file that you choose to export to will depend on how you want to use it.

  • xml save file formats contain your full diagram, and can be opened in freedgo。
  • .png, .svg and .jpeg are image file formats that you can use in documents, presentation slides or on web pages.。
  • .html creates HTML code which embeds your diagram on a web page.
  • .pdf generates a PDF document.

Export your diagram to an image

You can export the current drawing canvas to an image: PNG, JPEG or SVG. JPEG are most commonly used in web pages. PNG and SVG images are scalable (resizeable) and work well in documents and presentation slides.

Tip: When you export to a PNG or SVG image, you can choose to embed your diagram. When someone imports the image back into freedgo, they will be able to see your full diagram.

Select File > Export as then choose the image format you want to generate - PNG, JPEG, or SVG.


Each image format will offer you slightly different options, see below for details. Select the options you want, then click Export.

Export as a PNG

PNGs are used in web pages, documents and presentation slides.

  • Change the PNG export options to suit your requirements.
  • Enable the Selection only checkbox to export just the selected shapes and connectors
  • Ensure Include a copy of my diagram is enabled to be able to open your diagram and edit it when you import the PNG file to freedgo.com.

Export as a JPEG

JPEG image files cannot contain your diagram data - only an image version of the page you are exporting.

  • Change the JPEG export options to suit your requirements.
  • If you only want to export the shapes and connectors that are currently selected, enable the Selection only checkbox.

Export as a SVG

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SVG images can include your diagram data, as well as any links you’ve added to shapes.

  • Choose the SVG export settings to suit your requirements.
  • To be able to open and edit your diagram, keep the Include a copy of my diagram checkbox enabled.
  • By default Links will open following the viewer’s browser preferences. Select a different behaviour if you want links to always open in a new tab or a new browser window.

    Export to a PDF file

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When you export your diagram to a PDF file, you can include a copy of your diagram data, so that when you drop that file onto the freedgo editor, it will open your diagram for editing.

  • Select File > Export As > PDF.
  • Change the PDF export settings to suit your requirements, then click Export.


  • Select File > Export As > VSDX (beta).
  • Enter a Filename, then click on one of the save locations, or click Download to save the .vsdx file to your device.


*** 注意:图表中的图像(如剪贴画)不能嵌入到。vsdx文件。


This function is only for members

Select File > Export as > Advanced to see some additional export options that can be applied to PDF and image files. Depending on the Format you choose, some options may be disabled.

  • Enter a Filename and select the export Format from the drop down list.
  • Change the Zoom percentage, set a Width and Height for the resulting image/PDF file.
  • Change the DPI setting to output a higher quality image.
  • Set a Transparent background and change the Border Width.